(This article first appeared on IPWatchDog)

What follows is a letter on the topic of PTAB reform that will be sent to USPTO Director Andrei Iancu on Monday, May 14, 2018. The letter seeks urgent action on the Patent Trial and Appeal Board in order to bring balance to a process that has tormented inventors for the last 6 years. We already have over 100 signatures from patent owners, patent attorneys, investors and inventors. If you would like to sign onto this letter please visit http://100patentowners.org.

The undersigned represent tens of thousands of independent inventors in a variety of capacities. We include inventors of patented products worth billions of dollars, inventors commercializing their inventions and others licensing their inventions, leaders of local and national inventor organizations with thousands of hours of public service encouraging and teaching inventors, widely published analysts, early stage investors, and attorneys who advocate for independent inventors. We are connected as inventors, patent owners, or counsel to ______ PTAB petitions, our harrowing direct observations and experience informing our recommendations herein. We are the startup economy that relies heavily on stable and predictable patent rights.

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