Dr. Steve LeBeouf is an innovator and founder of Valencell, a company known throughout the industry as a leader in the innovative science of wearable biometric devices that deliver enhanced health results.

Dr. LeBoeuf possesses a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics at Louisiana Tech University.

Since 2006, he has been a pioneer innovator with over 100 granted patents and over 100 patents pending – all in the field or wearable biomedical sensing.


Excerpt From Ep.4 ‘In The Trenches With Inventors‘ – featuring Dr. Steve LeBeouf.

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“We started out wanting to help people lead healthier lives,” Dr. Steve LeBeouf said. As the co-founder and President of Valencell, Inc., Steve and his company have acquired substantial backing from investors and have raised over $10M in funding for the advancement and pursuit of improving health through wearable technologies.

Valencell transforms the science of wearable biometrics through implementing validated patents into the marketplace along with stringent and innovative research and development.

“We develop breakthroughs and collaborate with wearables, hearables, and medical device companies around the world to deliver stunning results,” Steve said.

Since Valencell had gained such a robust patent portfolio, folks at Apple began to take notice and assembled a team to study Valencell’s patents and portfolio.

Steve and his company noticed their public white papers were being downloaded under a fictitious name because the white papers described in detail their biosensor technology. Foreseeing a major problem emerging, Valencell filed a complaint in March 2013 after learning that these fictitious names belonged to different people actually employed by Apple.

Valencell addressed their concerns and attempted with Apple to enter into talks about incorporating Valencell’s biometric sensors into the Apple Watch.