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    Just like in the politics of political organizations, we are one by positive democratic input into the organizations which represent our interests, best. US Inventor is one such organization, which has successfully made awareness for our rights as inventors at the office which was granted the mandate to grant us patents – an office used by inventors in and outside from the USA.

    In the past, the USAPTO had sighted prior art of US applications, but in my last application the examiner has sighted 2 inventions from the US and 3 from inventors in Europe. As local, regional, national or international inventors, we all hope and care for the IP industry to be as originally intended in the concept of the patent mandate, and I believe we also can add value to help and support the leaders of the growing successful US Inventor organization.

    Yes, there is politics inside special interests groups, and we had such in our own regional inventors group, but as the lobbyist at the time I had found the input from the members is very good, wise, positive and limited to the actions — so this forum is a very good tool for sharing wisdom that can be taken, evaluated, and added if suitable to further actions and better arguments, reasonings — if suited, as not all input is suitable for the leadership potential action plans, but with open minds ideas, concepts, initiatives etc’ can be further investigated and respectfully declined (Because inventors are sensitive persons).

    In my experience, constructive submission/proposals made to the modernization/upgrading of the USAPTO were taken and implemented, but in my case, not as I had hoped for — but it is an option for a group to have the USAPTO adjust to accept its improvement and capabilities to be again the most important and liked by all Patent Registry.

    I can ad to this, but as of now, I just want to thank the founders and executive directors and contributing members plus members of the US Inventor special mutual interest group.

    Amnon M Cohen

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