Larry Golden holds a M.S. in Business Management from Strayer University and is the CEO of ATPG Technology, LLC, who has ten patents relating to multi-sensor detection systems that assist in preventing terrorism and terrorist activities.

He shared his information with our government

only to discover that he and his patents were being infringed. Larry sued and consequently faced a brutal Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) attack by Homeland Security, joined by the Department of Defense. Larry has experienced incredible hardships due to our government infringing on his “constitutionally protected” property rights.

Facing PTAB attacks by large entities is the norm for an inventor with a truly valuable invention. When facing such an attack, the inventor is often fighting an assailant with resources that seem unlimited. In Larry’s case, it didn’t just seem that way. The entity that attacked and invalidated his patent was actually the US Government!

Larry Golden - CMDC Device

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