Ron Williams is an inventor and co-owner of Cablz, the company that manufactures the market changing eyewear retainer of the same name. As many inventions occur, Ron created Cablz out of necessity. One day while driving he turned his head to check for oncoming traffic and his fabric eyewear retainer snagged, knocking his sunglasses across his face, and he almost hit another car.

Originally fashioned with electrical tape, steel cable and rubber attachments, he perfected the design when he created a unique ball bearing interface. Cablz took off.

At a trade show, Ron found a large company selling a knock-off. Similar to other inventors today with valuable inventions, when Ron tried to stop them, the PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board) was used to invalidate one of his patents. Now, the same attorney who got Ron’s patent invalidated is working with other infringers and threatening Ron that if he tries to stop them, they will not only invalidate his remaining patents, but also sue him for their loss of income – selling his invention! Ron is unable to do anything to stop the theft of his invention, and the emotional and financial cost to him and his family has been significant.

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Excerpt From Ep.5 ‘In The Trenches With Inventors‘ – featuring Ron Williams.

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Cablz at ICAST - Ron Williams

Cablz captured New Product Showcase Winner in the apparel category at ICAST,
the premier showcase for the latest innovations in fishing gear, accessories and apparel.

Cablz eye wear retainer - Ron Williams
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