William (Bill) O’Keeffe is an inventor and entrepreneur. Bill was a mechanical contractor before taking over his father’s now-80 year old architectural glazing company. Later, Bill established SAFTIFIRST, producing fire rated glass and framing, the first U.S. company to enter the fire glass market.

Bill has invented and patented several fire and impact safety glass technologies that were needed and are now in wide use. As with any new, valuable technology, he faced legal battles with competitors wanting to use his inventions without his consent. Some of these battles were won, some weren’t. But the recently created, patent-killing PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board) has changed the game in favor of patent infringers.

In the attached video, Bill describes how unique his newly patented safety glass floor is, compared to what existed prior, and how the infringer of this patent was able to use the PTAB to invalidate the patent. He’ll also talk about the PTAB “judges,” and whether or not they are qualified to override the decisions of experienced Patent Examiners.

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Excerpt From Ep.6 ‘In The Trenches With Inventors‘ – featuring William O’Keeffe.

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GPX Fire Floor - SAFTIFIRST - William O'Keeffe
SAFTIFIRST fire glass - Willaim O'Keeffe
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