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Big Tech Destroyed Your Rights:

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Patrick Buckley - Inventor DODOcase and VR Visor

Patrick Buckley: Inventor and
co-founder of DODOcase and
Inventor of Virtual Reality Visor

Josh Malone - Inventor Bunch O Balloons

Josh Malone: Inventor of
Bunch O Balloons
Number #1 toy

Michael Kintner 360Heroes

Michael Kintner: Inventor and
owner of 360Heroes
360-degree HD video

Ray Perkins - Eco World Group

Ray Perkins: Inventor and
founder of Eco World Group
Fertilizer solution for Red Tide

Gene Luoma - Inventor of Zip-It

Gene Luoma: Inventor
Best sink unclogger ever

Dr. Steve LeBeouf - Vallencell

Dr. Steve LeBeouf: Inventor and
co-founder of Vallencell
Wearable biometric devices

The Inventor Rights Resolution

Join Our Voice — Help Us Enact Legislation to Restore the Rights of Inventors.

The time has come to restore patent protection for inventors and mitigate a generation of laws, regulations, and court decisions that have discouraged innovation by failing to secure to inventors the exclusive right to their discoveries.

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Inventors vs Infringers
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Introduction to the Inventor Rights Act of 2019

US Inventor is pleased to support the introduction of the bipartisan Inventor Rights Act, H. R. 5478 by Representatives Danny K. Davis (D-IL) and Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (R-AZ). The Inventor Rights Act takes critical steps in strengthening US patent rights, bringing justice for inventors, and promoting innovation, the very lifeblood of the American economy.


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