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September 26-28th, 2024 at the USPTO Madison Building

Welcome to the US Inventor 2nd Annual Conference, where innovation meets action and inventors transform from dreamers to decision-makers. This year’s conference is a pivotal event dedicated to empowering inventors, strengthening the patent system, and ensuring that American innovation thrives.

Our Mission

At US Inventor, we believe that a robust patent system is crucial for fostering innovation, securing our national security, and sustaining economic stability. Our mission is rooted in the foresight of our founders, who recognized the importance of protecting inventors’ rights. This was enshrined in the United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8, which empowers Congress to promote the progress of science and the useful arts by securing exclusive rights to inventors.

For nearly 200 years, the United States led the world in technological advancements and industry standards, due to our strong patent system. However, the past two decades have seen significant challenges arising from legislation and court decisions that have weakened this system. These changes threaten not only our leadership in innovation but also our national security and economic stability.

US Inventor is dedicated to reversing these trends. We are committed to restoring a solid patent system that ensures small businesses and individual inventors can protect their inventions from theft, regardless of the power and influence of large corporations. Every initiative and action undertaken by US Inventor aims to restore and reinforce the integrity of the American patent system.

From Dreamers to Decision-Makers

The US Inventor Conference is a call to action for inventors across the nation. We understand the journey of American inventors—pursuing the dream of innovation, expecting that a valuable patent will lead to success, only to face a broken patent system. This year marks a turning point.

US inventors have reached a critical moment where our voices are being heard. From advocating for pro-inventor legislation to building a stronger, more united community, this conference is a testament to our collective strength and determination. Here, inventors will gain the tools, knowledge, and network to shift from being mere dreamers to influential decision-makers.

Join us at the USI 2nd Annual Conference and be part of the movement to restore American innovation and secure a future where inventors are celebrated and protected. This is the year we take control of our destinies and shape the future of innovation. Welcome to the transformation.



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