US Inventor has signed onto a Brief in support of Petitioners SCA Hygiene Products Aktiebolag and SCA Personal Care, Inc.


Amici Curiae, including US Inventor, are non-profit organizations of inventors and small-business owners with first-hand experience with America’s patent system. They have spent substantial portions of their lives working toensure that the flaws in that system are addressed in a manner that preserves those features that have made it one of the driving forces of the world’s most powerful economy. Amici’s extensive experience with the patent system and its ties to the health of the American economy make them well situated to explain the importance of the issues presented in this case. Amici and their members know from personal experience the difficulties that patentees sometimes face in asserting their patent rights, and how, if the Federal Circuit’s decision is left standing, patentees may be unnecessarily deprived of damages for past infringement of their patent rights.

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