Paul Morinville’s new article updating his travels around the United States visiting with inventors about patent laws:

I’ve been traveling the country this year meeting with inventor clubs. Even with the significant damage the courts and congress have brought to the patented property of inventors, inventors still believe they can invent something, own the exclusive right to their invention, and profit from it. After all, this fundamental right of the American story, which was taught to us in grade school and lingers in our minds, is the American Dream.

So far, I’ve spoken to more than a dozen inventor clubs across the southeast and in Texas. For the next few months, I’ll be visiting many more inventor clubs and other innovation organizations like makers groups, angel investor groups, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurial groups and small business groups.

I can tell you this much… when these folks learn about how much damage has been brought on their own personal version of the American Dream, they understandably get upset and take action. Of course, they call their representatives, but most of these clubs are also participating with US Inventor and the United Inventors Association in Amicus briefs to the Supreme Court on patent issues that affect inventors. Many have committed to tell ten friends, write op-eds and letters to local papers and to come to Washington.

You will hear much more from inventors in the coming months about their opinion on the multinational takeover of the patent system.