Jeff Parker is a co-founder of several companies. His first firm developed semiconductor chips and controls for heating and AC, including using digital controls to replace the thermostat of years ago that contained a drop of mercury in a tube. His second one developed automated TV production cameras and equipment. He has had tremendous success as an inventor with dozens of patents, including winning an Emmy for his technology that made live TV news broadcasts with much smaller crews possible.

ParkerVision had been formed to solve a major problem. The basic technology of wireless radio frequency signal generation and reception (RF transceivers) required significant numbers of components, making them large, power hungry, and challenging to achieve good performance, because their fundamental architecture was largely the same as that developed by Marconi over a century ago!

RF transceivers are at the heart of virtually all wireless products in everyday use. ParkerVision proceeded to re-invent the essential composition for wireless RF transceivers and a representative of the world’s largest wireless chip company called ParkerVision’s invention “the holy grail of RF.”

His company had invested millions creating a portfolio of patents for protection. However, Jeff ran into the efforts of vested interests and big tech to use our broken patent system against him. He has now spent over a decade battling with infringers who have stolen and profited from ParkerVision technology.

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Excerpt From Ep.8 ‘In The Trenches With Inventors‘ – featuring Jeff Parker.

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ParkerVision Patent Wall

ParkerVision Patent Wall

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