Calling the offices of those that represent you is one of the best ways to voice your concerns. As their constituent, it’s their job to listen to you!

“Hello, my name is______ and I am a constituent living in {City, State}. I am a(n) {inventor, entrepreneur, small business owner, concerned citizen}. I am worried about the current state of our patent system. The 2006 eBay vs MercExchange decision, the America Invents Act of 2011 (AIA), and 2014 Alice vs CLS Banks Supreme court decision have significantly damaged our patent system. Currently, large corporations and competing countries like China are using our broken patent system to wipe out small inventors, harm our economy, and threaten our national security.

Two bills, HR 8132, The Balancing Incentives Act (BIA) and HR 8234, The Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation (RALIA) act were recently introduced. Both bills will fix the broken patent system, restore our innovation engine to what it was, supporting small business owners and inventors.

I ask that you consider supporting these bills. Please help fix our innovation system and save inventors and startups.”

Type in your ZIP or state to find out who represents you in the House and in the Senate.

  • If your US representative or Senator doesn’t answer, leave a message with a staff member or voicemail. Be sure to leave both a message and your contact information.

  • Your elected officials want to do a good job and you can help them. You can let them know when an issue is impacting you. Sharing your thoughts is valuable to them.

Change Starts Today

As long as injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. We need you to grow our voice, join us today and start making the difference.