Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunities

USI’s Second Annual Conference: From Dreamers to Decision-Makers

Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunities

The US Inventor Conference is a call to action for inventors across the nation. We understand the journey of American inventors—pursuing the dream of innovation, expecting that a valuable patent will lead to success, only to face a broken patent system. This year marks a turning point.

US inventors have reached a critical moment where our voices are being heard. From advocating for pro-inventor legislation to building a stronger, more united community, this conference is a testament to our collective strength and determination. Here, inventors will gain the tools, knowledge, and network to shift from being mere dreamers to influential decision-makers.

This is the year we take control of our destinies and shape the future of innovation.

Join us in supporting the inventor community by sponsoring the 2024 US Inventor Second Annual Conference. Below are our tailored sponsorship packages designed to provide maximum exposure and engagement opportunities for your organization.

Please see the sponsorship packages and opportunities below.

Please reach out to Randy Landreneau at Randy@usinventor.org to discuss opportunities and pricing.

In addition to our bundled sponsorship packages, we understand that you may be interested in specific sponsorship opportunities either to complement your chosen sponsorship tier or as exclusive benefits. Below, we have listed a few à la carte options that can be selected in addition to a package or as standalone sponsorship items.

Inventors, small business owners, and USI members can contact us for discounted rates. We strive to support a diverse range of participants, including inventors, firms, educators, and investors. We are committed to facilitating access for everyone.

To secure your sponsorship or for more information, please visit https://www.usinventor.org or contact Randy Landreneau at Randy@USInventor.org

Thank you for your support in making the 2024 US Inventor Second Annual Conference a success!