September 1st, 2016

Dear President Obama and Secretary General Ban Ki-moon:

As we are entering a period of global uncertainty, whether dealing with emerging public health threats like Zika, political and economic changes like Brexit, or larger trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) or the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) we want to outline principles of policies that will enhance innovation, invention, and new solutions for people around the globe.

 We, the undersigned, support policies that foster new, useful, and unique products for people around the world. Policymakers should consider these principles when making or debating local public policy or international agreements.

  • Market-based policies that reward the value of invention and innovation to individuals and society;
  • Intellectual property rights, and enforcement, are made readily available to inventors;
  • Each inventor should have access to her government, and particularly independent courts, to defend her properly patented ideas and inventions from unlawful theft; and
  • To support these principles each government should promote, support, and defend a patent and intellectual property regime that embodies these principles.

Therefore, we encourage current and future policymakers to use these principles when developing policy in local governments or at multi-lateral international organizations.

Signed: See below



U.S. Trade Representative

U.S. Department of Commerce

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

U.S. House Judiciary Committee

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee

U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee

UN High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines

Organization of Economic Co-ordination and Development

World Health Organization

World Intellectual Property Organization


Warren Tuttle
President, Board of Directors, The United Inventors Association

Steven Stokes
President of Decknet

Jii-chyun Wang
President of Feng & Wang Technology Co., LTD.

Alireza Rastegar
President of International Federation of Inventors’ Associations

Adrian Pelkus
President San Diego Inventors Forum

David Kotecki
President, Blue Hill Innovation LLC

Matthew Stieg
President, Edison Innovators Association

David Johnson
President, Geodata Inc.

Pete Canalichio
President, Licensing Brands

Pete Canalichio
President, Licensing Brands/inc.

Mark Stadnyk
President, Madstad Engineering, Inc.

Keith Mullin
President, Make Ideas LLC

David Bruemmwr
Founder of 5d Robotics

Charles Howerton
Founder RTTmobile

Darko Dobošić
President, Association Inventors

Subrata Khuntia
Founder, Wizy Services Pvt LTD

Kenneth Adair
Founder, Developer, And Testing Coordinator

Kevin Hess
Founder, Patent Technics LLC

Ila Scott-ford
Founder/CEO, Let Family Know LLC

Eric Kanagy
Founder/CEO, Redpost

Alex Feerer
Founder/president Gles R&d Corp

Walter Willis
Fresh Cap

Gary Dubroy

Angelene Fitch-Fredericksen

Spencer Marsh
Graduate Research Assistant, Clemson Bioengineering Department

Nickenson Chery
Health Administrator/ Inventor

Le Etta Scherban

Courtney Schumacher

Kenneth Scherban
Independent Inventor

Albert Hernández
Independent Inventor

Pamela Nye
Independent Inventor
Nandan Kulkarni
Independent Inventor

Christopher Hollerback
Independent Patent Holder Total Containment Fueling System

Phillip Pitts
Independent Senior Developer

Jose Lopez
Individual Inventor

President Innovatics Laboratories, Inc.

Mark Gottlieb
Inspired Possibilities, LLC

Frank Valderas

Juan Mckenzie

Jackie Mckenzie

Michal Polubinski

Mike Andic

Albert Throop

Erica Feld

Harvey Wicker

Clifford Gant
Ramy Elmery

Jackie Mckenzie

Miguel Ortiz

Craig Litherland

Murilo Luciano Filho
Inventor – Avalanchedrive

George Margolin
Inventor — Margolin Development LLC

John Dale
Inventor / Product Developer

Mones Jaafar
Inventor / Researcher

Hicham Jakima
Inventor – www.asociaciondeinventores.org

Kane Kramer
Inventor Digital Audio Player, CEO British Inventors Society

Janice M Shields
Inventor of Life Saving Medical Products & Equipment

Omar Abass
Inventor Retrastrap

Kevin Hill
Inventor, Self

Lawrence Glaser
Inventor, Self

Bob Krause
Inventor, Self Employed

Ricardo Lopes
Inventor, Self Employed.

David Woods
Inventor’s Council of Central Florida

Allen Nauss

Abouzar Hassanpour

Kristi Gorinas
CEO Kristi G Co

Arthur Bradley
Managed Maintenance

Johnny Heath
Owner Affordable Wind Turbines

Stuart Anders
Owner Allied Industries

Mark Tracy
Owner Kong Strong Armor LLC

Jesper Boesen Nielsen
Owner of Innoactive

Douglas Cudworth
Owner-the Mentex Group

Mary Kurtz
Owner, Chrio Technologi LLC

Charlie Bright
Owner, Great Plains Diesel Technologies, Lc

Carolyn Florimonte
Owner/Inventor of Ecofenceonline.com

Tom Storm
Partner – Invention Marketing Solutions

Steven Daniels
Partner, Farney Daniels, P.C.
Steven Hoffberg
Partner, Ostrolenk Faber Llp

Tracie Wood
Partner, Trilliam LLC

Skip Yarus
Patent Agent; Ipattitude

Bruce Bernstein
Patent Attorney

Mark Rhodes
Rhodeswork/Patent Illustrator

Sheldon Riehl
Sales Manager Bird In Hand Pet Structures

C. Alvin Scott
Scott Hydrogen Innovation

Brad Scobey
Self Employed Inventor

Jean Lapoint
Showroom Representative, Harvey Building Products

John White
Soryn IP

Michael Deleshaw
Support. Central Florida Inventors Council

William Middleton
Svp, Wilan Inc.

Kayali Sytems Engineer-Novatech LLC

Lisa Crites
The Shower Shirt Co., Principal/inventor

Tracy Neal
Tracy Neal & Company LLC
Paul Morinville
US Inventor

Richard Baker
President, New England Intellectual Property, LLC

Omar R. Fontanez
President, Puerto Rico Inventor Association

Jeff Hall
President, Severn Safety Supply LLC

Wayne Rasanen
President, Tampa Bay Inventors Council

Bob Zeidman
President, Zeidman Consulting

Iordan Stavar
President/CEO of Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – Washington D.C. USA

Gary Stecklein
President, Inventor’s Association of South Central Kansas

Daniel Marion
Aguadrone LLC

Gary Growden
CEO, CIO Aion Equity Group, LLC

Steve Alvarez
Alvarez Signs & Wonders – Owner

Devlin Hartline
Assistant Director, Center For The Protection of Intellectual Property

Jon Bills

Richard Brunner
Bar Co Production Co.

Carolyn Barrett
Barrett International Technology Incorporated
Timothy Bellagamba
Bell Litho Inc. President

Karen O’Brien
Business Owner

Butler Founder
Butler Innovations LLC

Olatunbosun Amoniyan
CEO of Noble Narrator

Mattthew Fremming

Todd Mannik

Leith Emery
CEO – Emery Edgers

Dale Dawson
CEO Davinci Sports

Craig Smith
CEO Dhahran Techno Valley Company

Kiran Rajbhandary
CEO Ezdump Commercial Inc

Glenn Gordon
CEO Founder of Many Intellectual Property

Sinai Yarus
CEO Ipattitude

Brian Federal
CEO Prana Communications

Jeffrey Mangus
CEO Product Developer

Fabio Albano
CEO Solid Flex Energy Inc.

Gyan Kesarwani
CEO The Skillers
Dean Mcbain
CEO True Id, LLC

Azhar Mcneal
CEO-vertical Life Resources

Steven Sedlmayr
CEO, Divinia Water, Inc

Bryan Pate
CEO, Elliptigo Inc.

Pamela Norris
CEO, Icebuddy Systems, Inc.

John Aiken
CEO, Pittsburgh East Inventors Club

Henning Hansen
CEO/inventor, Hansen Energy Solutions

Jan Shields

Leon Stark
Citizen And Independent Inventor

Sarah Prinsloo
Co-founder, Ruggable

Cornel Chin
Cornel Chin Consultancy

Chris Cheah
CTO, Cheah IP, LLC

Dinesh Subhraveti
CTO And Cofounder

Bret Schaller
CTO, Schaller Industries, Inc.

Rick Zemen
CTO, Smart Patent

Kenneth Stanwood
CTO, Wilan
Marijan Pollak
Director And Owner Oberon LTD. Croatia

G. Michael Alder
Director TTO, BYU

David Cys
Director, Special Projects, The Geek Group

Cathie Adams
Eagle Forum Board Member

Angela Loggins
Emble Services LLC CEO

Michael Prokop
Facility Supervisor / United Airlines

Emmitt Wilson
Founder : All In Together Product Productions

David Skadeland
Founder Creative Green Ideas

Mohammad Kiani

Charan Nelms
Managing Director of Ndynamics LTD.

Joe Zheng
Managing Director, Logicpatents

Christian Dubuc
Managing Partner, Longhorn IP

Charles Sauer
Market Institute LLC

Khaleque Zzaman
Mechanical Engineer, Ananda Ship Yard & Slip Way

Richard Breneman
Member – Key Conceptions LLC
Stephen Katsaros
Nokero, CEO

Larry Davis
Not Just Stands

Amnon M Cohen

Ed Oq

Diana Comeau

Everitt Mace
Owner – Mace Enterprises

Walt Hopkins

Adoram Shemesh
Patent Broker Pulseip

Keith Westbrook
Pres. Conservative Party USA Patented Inventor

Robin White
Principal Inventor

Raul Tijerina
Private Inventor

Leslie Freeborn
Private Inventor

Kevin Pearcey
Private Inventor

Rich Hayes
Product Developer/ New Sound Solutions

George Burkhardt
Product Development Engineer

Bryan Bechtol
Program Director

Liz Havlin
Prototype America

Vesty Roze

Doug Rigney

Dana Litherland
Retired K-12 Teacher, Novi Comm. Schools

Pia Jensen

Chris Beckman

Kelsey Knutson

Jeffrey Cargerman

William Morinville

Marcus Melvin

Bryan Hill

Carlos Falconi

David Cross

Tom Christensen

Janet Mlinaer

Daniel Mitry

Tom Hazzard
VP of Design, Hazz Design Consulting, Inc.

Angelene Fredericksen
W.W.W Inventor