Amici Curiae are individual inventors and associations of inventors that share a common interest in a robust patent system that encourages and appropriately rewards successful inventive pursuits. Collectively, amici have invested significant energy and personal resources in research and development in their respective technical fields. Amici rely on patents to protect those investments and to commercialize their discoveries through licensing. Due to their small size, amici oftentimes lack the resources or manufacturing ability to commercialize all aspects of an invention themselves and therefore must rely on licensing to bring their products to market.

Amici include:

U.S. Inventor, Edison Nation, Inventors Digest, National Society of Inventors, Inventors Network of the Capital Area, Texas Inventors Association, San Diego Inventors Forum, Columbus Phenix City Inventors Association, Music City Inventors Group, Small Business Technology Council, Edison Innovators Association, Paul Morinville, James Innes, and Louis J. Foreman.

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