Juliette Fassett is the co-founder of Happy Products, Inc., and the co-inventor of Flippy, the original multi-angle soft pillow lap stand. She didn’t set out to become an inventor, but as is the case with a lot of successful innovators, she observed that a problem existed and created a unique solution that consumers really like.

Juliette was awarded a patent and was selling the product through Amazon and various catalogs. She wasn’t setting the world on fire, but doing fairly well. Then she made a QVC appearance where she sold $500,000 worth of product in just 13 minutes. Taking notice of Flippy’s success was a company that jumped on her patented product and started selling it without her knowledge or consent. Juliette also found, like other inventors, that large stores had no qualms working with the company that stole the invention rather than the actual inventor.

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Excerpt From Ep.8 ‘In The Trenches With Inventors‘ – featuring Juliette Fassett.

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Flippy cat - Juliette Fassett
Juliette Fassett - Flippy tablet pad

Flippy has accumulated more than 8,000 positive and enthusiastic reviews with a 4.7 out of 5 star overall rating. It is a good example of what an independent inventor should be able to stop the infringement of and profit from. We must restore the rights of inventors and disincentivize patent infringement.

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