David Petite is an inventor and the Founder of SIPCO (the Smart IP Company). He is also a Native American and Founder of NAIPEC (Native American Intellectual Property Enterprise Council). He holds over 100 patents relating to wireless technology, a number of which are from the early 1990’s. He is well known for being one of the key innovators of wireless networking technology, helping lay the ground work for IoT (Internet of Things) technology and wireless mesh.

David’s technologies have been licensed to hundreds of companies and have produced very significant royalties. David was fortunate in that he received many of his most important patents and was licensing them prior to the passage of The America Invents Act, which created the patent-killing PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board). A company he was in litigation with purchased a key portfolio from David before the PTAB was in operation. A number of these patents have since been invalidated by the PTAB.

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Excerpt From Ep.8 ‘In The Trenches With Inventors‘ – featuring David Petite.

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