About Randy Landreneau

US Inventor president Randy Landreneau is an inventor with three patents. He is a former President and current Board Member of the Tampa Bay Inventors Council, and President of Complete Product Development, a firm that does CAD design, prototyping, and short runs.

China Hijacks US Patent System to Steal American Inventions

CHINA HIJACKS US PATENT SYSTEM TO STEAL AMERICAN INVENTIONS China’s comprehensive innovation plan includes exploiting our own faulty and inadequate laws and institutions for their gains and our losses. Chinese companies are now leveraging the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to their advantage, invalidating hundreds of

Patent Rights – Inventor Rights – Where Did They Go?

PATENT RIGHTS - INVENTOR RIGHTS - WHERE DID THEY GO? There was a time in America when inventors and small business innovators were cherished for their invaluable and, at times, disruptive, creations. Their contributions helped make the American Dream real to virtually anyone, through advancing technology as well as providing

Unintended Consequences? U.S. Code Title 35

Unintended Consequences? U.S. Code Title 35 The proof is that inventors, the very group the American Patent System was created for, have been shut out of hearings. In the Senate, The PATENT Act got through the markup without a single inventor being allowed into a single hearing. For the House’s Innovation Act,

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