AIA Decade Approved Invalidated

Attend A Rally Near You on September 16, 2021
Alexandria, VA • Burlington, VT • Dallas, TX • Denver, CO • Detroit, MI • San Jose, CA

Thank you to everyone who participated. The first nationwide rally for inventors was a huge success. Join the Inventor Rights movement for updates, photos, and next steps.

Society needs inventors. Yet, in the United States today, inventors are discouraged from pursuing research, development, and commercialization of inventions due to the implementation of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board under the America Invents Act of 2011. Rather than helping small businesses as intended, the PTAB is often weaponized by large corporations to block competition from those who created superior technology. PTAB uncertainty, risk, and expense has become an overwhelming burden for entrepreneurs, stifling our ability to innovate and compete.

Having invalidated 84% of the 3,000 patents they have reviewed and destroyed the hopes and dreams of hundreds of inventors – the PTAB is still going strong. Even Chinese companies like Huawei, ZTE, HTC, and TikTok are regularly utilizing the PTAB to invalidate patents of U.S. inventors.

We’re working hard to make our lawmakers and the public know that the PTAB is a big problem, and we’ve made progress. We’ve definitely stopped some further bad things from happening, but we have to restore our basic rights. To invent, patent, and then own your invention is your birthright as an American, but that bargain has been broken by corporate influence in politics.

US Inventor is totally committed to restoring our rights, and we need your voices to pull it off. Many of you have already helped, THANK YOU. Now is our opportunity. Join us on September 16th at a rally near you, and unite against the injustice of the America Invents Act and the PTAB.

Please join other inventors – and those who support American innovation – on the 10th anniversary of the America Invents Act (AIA) at the Decade of Stolen Dreams Rally.