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Spokesman and advocate for independent inventors. Coordinating patent policy, legislation, amicus briefing, and public relations.

Kathi Vidal Senate Questions

SENATE QUESTIONS KATHI VIDAL EXCERPTS FROM SENATE CONFIRMATION QUESTIONS FOR THE RECORD Hearing Held December 1, 2021 Senator Chuck Grassley Questions for the Record for Ms. Kathi VidalNominee for U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Director SENATOR GRASSLEY: Based on your experience do you think that IPR

Media Coverage

MEDIA COVERAGE Media and news coverage concerning: (i) issues that impact inventors, and (ii) how US Inventor is working behind the scenes to help protect inventor rights. Recent coverage includes new legislation, the Decade of Stolen Dreams rallies and stories following USI's attempt in court to

American Inventors Spotlight America Invents Act Failures

AMERICAN INVENTORS SPOTLIGHT AMERICA INVENTS ACT FAILURES Supposedly enacted to fight “patent trolls” and correct the patent system, the AIA has, instead, destroyed the lives and livelihoods of thousands of independent inventors and innovative small businesses and startups at the behest of Big Tech and multi-national corporations, including those controlled

Rep Anthony Sabatini Urges Repeal of Leahy-Smith America Invents Act

REP ANTHONY SABATINI URGES REPEAL OF LEAHY-SMITH AMERICA INVENTS ACT US Inventor, representing inventors and innovative small businesses and startups across America, applauds Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini for standing firmly behind more than 12,000 Florida small business inventors and calling for the repeal of the bill that has

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