Supposedly enacted to fight “patent trolls” and correct the patent system, the AIA has, instead, destroyed the lives and livelihoods of thousands of independent inventors and innovative small businesses and startups at the behest of Big Tech and multi-national corporations, including those controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The AIA unleashed an unconstitutional administrative tribunal, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), which quickly became known as “the patent death squad.” The Administrative Patent Judges (APJs) – who are not real judges – routinely invalidate legitimate patents issued by much more experienced and seasoned patent examiners, turning the inventor’s property rights over to infringing companies that could not develop that which they stole from the actual innovator and did not want to pay a licensing fee.

US Inventor, an inventor rights advocacy group, organized the rallies to bring attention to the fact that the once mighty US Patent System is being destroyed and, with it, the American Dream.

As US Inventor Policy Director Josh Malone said, “We cannot let this day go by…there are hundreds of thousands of inventors who have been sidelined by the America Invents Act,” noting that the PTAB was set up by lawyers and politicians controlled by multinational corporations that end up with virtually free technology while their small competitors are annihilated.

The group is encouraging passage of Senator Thomas Massie’s HR 5874, the Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation Act (RALIA) which would, among other things, eliminate the PTAB and return the system back to the much fairer pre-AIA era.

Josh Malone, Michael Kintner, Wayne Rasanen, Gen. Rob Spalding

Trae Smith, Paul Morninville, Elliott Brackett, Ken Emanuelson

Art Nutter, Scott Densmore

Bob Schmidt, Kip Azzoni Doyle, Dan Brown

Robert Granadino, Steve Perlman, Rob Aronoff, Bobby Singh, Stu Douglass

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