Randy Landreneau on OAN with Dan Ball

Randy Landreneau, President of US Inventor, appeared on One America News Network’s (OANN) Real America show with Dan Ball to discuss China’s influence on our U.S. economy, acquired through American corporations, lobbyists and politicians – and how Big Tech and multi-national corporations, including those in China and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), are stealing Intellectual Property (IP) from American independent inventors and innovative small businesses and startups.

All Americans should be aware of and know the information in this news segment and what it means to We the People. Help Randy Landreneau and US Inventor educate lawmakers and others on what has happened with our once-great patent system so we can fight back and re-establish the constitutionally guaranteed rights of inventors by signing the Inventor Rights Resolution.

US Inventor Inc., a 501(c)(4) non-profit advocacy corporation, was founded to support the innovation efforts of the “little guy” inventors. We are proponents of “securing for limited times to … inventors the exclusive right to their … discoveries” in order to “promote the progress of Science and Useful arts.” (U.S. Constitution Article I, § 8 Powers of Congress, Clause 8). Our broad experience with the patent system, new technologies, and creating companies, gives us a unique perspective.

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