American Inventors Spotlight America Invents Act Failures

AMERICAN INVENTORS SPOTLIGHT AMERICA INVENTS ACT FAILURES Supposedly enacted to fight “patent trolls” and correct the patent system, the AIA has, instead, destroyed the lives and livelihoods of thousands of independent inventors and innovative small businesses and startups at the behest of Big Tech and multi-national corporations, including those controlled

A Decade of Stolen Dreams – Results of the America Invents Act of 2011

Legislation that created a Decade of Stolen Dreams Signed into law on September 16, 2011, the American Invents Act (AIA) created the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) which is the worst event in U.S. patent history. The PTAB has invalidated (revoked) 84% of the 3,000+ patents they have reviewed,

Panel Discussion: The Maladministrative State – Transcript

PANEL DISCUSSION: THE MALADMINISTRATIVE STATE - TRANSCRIPT The Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund hosts the panel The Maladministrative State: Administrative Law Judges, the Appointments Clause, and the State of Regulatory Adjudication Featuring: Prof. Richard Epstein, NYU Law and Univ. of Chicago Peggy Little,


INVENTORS TO RALLY AT JOINT GATHERING OF USPTO, IP LAWYERS MEDIA ADVISORY For Immediate ReleaseContact: Madeline Malone, US Inventor(469)  INVENTORS TO RALLY AT JOINT GATHERING OF USPTO, IP LAWYERSInventors to Protest Extraordinary USPTO PTAB Public Hearing of Emmy & Academy Award Recipients What: This Friday, October 25, inventors from the first ever Patent

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