Josh Malone, the Policy Director at US Inventor, appeared on the Glenn Beck Podcast to talk about the current patent system and the loss of the American Dream.

Glenn Beck - Josh Malone

At the opening of the segment, according to Glenn, his staff advised him that he must talk to “The Balloon Guy.” Glenn had no idea who this was but went with their advice.

That person is, of course, none other than Josh Malone, the creative inventor of Bunch O Balloons, who went through several agonizing, and expensive, years of litigation, particularly because of the passage of the America Invents Act of 2011 (AIA) and the establishment of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

Due to loopholes and ambiguities in the legislation, multinational conglomerates and Big Tech have used the PTAB to invalidate (revoke) existing patents, including some that have been in use for years and licensed by numerous companies around the world.

As a lead to introducing Josh to his audience Glenn stated, “Intellectual Property is the idea, in America, that you ‘Build a Better Mousetrap.’ If you can build a better mousetrap, the sky is the limit for you in America. That’s because of U.S. Patent Law.”

Glenn went on to ask Josh about his Bunch O Balloons invention and what had happened to him and Josh explained the process, the various trials and court hearings, the injunctions and the decision of the PTAB to kill his patents. Fortunately, through a lot of hard work and even burning his own patent on the sidewalk in front of the US Patent and Trademark Office, Josh won. His patent was reinstated.

Josh elaborated, “We never thought that patents were political. For 200 years, it was ‘I’m going to do my business. I’m going to succeed. I’m going to be rewarded.’ However, now patents are very political. We’re lobbying, basically, we have to lobby to get our rights back, because we lost them.”

The AIA and the PTAB have broken the once powerful US Patent System, the very system that propelled America to lead the world in intellectual property, the economy, and in virtually every other measurable metric. However, the “Patent Death Squad,” as the PTAB has come to be known, threatens our economy and the once-dynamic American Dream.

Towards the end of the show, Glenn stated what had become obvious, “It is anti-American, what is happening.”

Article 1 Section 8 Powers of Congress Inventors

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