US Inventor has obtained the following information from public records and/or Freedom of Information Act from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The the information relates to operations of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

FOIA Requests

FOIA Request F-19-00277 and appeal A-20-00001 — compensation and production expectancies for PTAB APJs
US Inventor’s FOIA request F-19-00277 (Sep. 16, 2019)
The PTO’s cover letter for FOIA request F-19-00277 (Nov 4, 2019)
Performance Appraisal Plans for PTAB APJs
Production expectancies for PTAB APJs
Several PTAB Standard Operating Procedures
US Inventor’s Appeal A-20-000001 (Feb. 4, 2020)
Cover letter in response to appeal (Apr. 8, 2020)
Various documents relating to PTAB APJ compensation

FOIA request FOIA F-20-00065 — recruitment and hiring of PTAB APJs
The PTO’s cover letter for FOIA request F-20-00065 (Mar. 13, 2020)
Various documents relating to recruiting and hiring of PTAB APJs

PTAB Standard Operating Procedures

PTAB Standard Operating Procedure 1: Assignment of APJs to
merits panels, motion panels, expanded panels

PTO PTAB SOP1 2009-02-12 rev 13
PTO PTAB SOP1 2015-05-08 rev 14
PTO PTAB SOP1 2018-09-20 rev 15

PTAB Standard Operating Procedure 2: Publication of Opinions;
Designation and De-Designation as Precedential, Informative,
Routine; Precedential Opinion Panel

PTO PTAB SOP2 2000-03-29 rev 4
PTO PTAB SOP2 2005-08-10 rev 6
PTO PTAB SOP2 2007-01-23 OG Notice announcing publication
PTO PTAB SOP2 2008-03-23 Rev 7
PTO PTAB SOP2 2013-08-12 Rev 8
PTO PTAB SOP2 2014-09-22 Rev 9
PTO PTAB SOP2 2018-09-20 Rev 10

PTAB Standard Operating Procedure 3: Processing Procedures for
Ex parte Appeals

PTO PTAB SOP3 2006-12-07 Rev 0
PTO PTAB SOP3 2009-06-16 Rev 1
PTO PTAB SOP3 2010-03-30 Rev 2 (interim)

PTAB Standard Operating Procedure 4: Standards for Opinions in
Appeal Decisions

PTO PTAB SOP4 2006-12-07 Rev 0
PTO PTAB SOP4 2007-10-01 Rev 0.1
PTO PTAB SOP4 2007-11-15 Rev 0.2
PTO PTAB SOP4 2009-11-12 Rev 1
PTO PTAB SOP4 2010-06-30 Rev 2
PTO PTAB SOP4 2011 Rev 3
PTO PTAB SOP4 2014-05-30 Rev 5.0
PTO PTAB SOP4 2014-09-30 Rev 5.2

PTAB Standard Operating Procedure 7: Designation as Board
Decisions-Orders as Informative

PTO PTAB SOP7 2007-07-23

PTAB Standard Operating Procedure 8: Assignment of APJs to Ex
Parte Merits Panels

PTO PTAB SOP8 2008-09-10 Rev 5.2s
PTO PTAB SOP8 2009-01-07

PTAB Standard Operating Procedure 9: Procedure for Decisions
Remanded from the Federal Circuit

PTO PTAB SOP9 2017-11-09 rev 1