Innovation is the cornerstone of the American Dream. Everyone can build the next best mousetrap. US Inventor’s vision is to help teach people that process as well as defending that ability on Capitol Hill.


US Inventor brings together the best and brightest innovators of today to help the best and brightest innovators of tomorrow. We teach, promote, and defend the invention process and business methods involved in developing an idea, making a profit, and changing lives.


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Paul is an inventor with dozens of patents and pending applications. He is the Founder and CEO of OrgStructure, LLC, and an early stage enterprise middleware provider.

In 2013, changes in patent law stopped investment in his company, so Paul started walking the halls of Congress in Washington D.C. educating over 350 offices about the damage caused by patent reform to companies like his and inventors.

He founded US Inventor, a 501(c)4, which works to end anti-inventor patent reforms and advocates strong patent rights for inventors. Read more about Paul.

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Randy is an inventor with three patents. He is a former President and current Board Member of the Tampa Bay Inventors Council, and President of Complete Product Development, a firm that does CAD design, prototyping, and short runs.

Randy started fighting for inventors when the America Invents Act was moving toward passage in 2011. That battle was lost, but when the Innovation Act passed the House in 2013, he teamed up with Paul Morinville in a door-to-door effort in the US House and Senate which helped stop its eventual passage.

He is now using his association with inventors across America to enable a grass-roots effort to restore the rights of inventors in America.

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Josh Malone quit his corporate job in 2006 to take his shot at the Inventor’s Dream. Eight years later, savings depleted and kids college unfunded, he took one last swing before trudging back to the corporate world. And hit a home-run with Bunch O Balloons. His solution to the 63 year old problem of filling and sealing water balloons instantly became the number one selling summer toy. His invention was stolen by a notorious serial infringer who convinced the USPTO to revoke his patent under a controversial procedure of the 2011 America Invents Act. A brutal and costly legal battle combined with an anti-corruption crusade ultimately resulted in a $31M award and restoration of his patent rights. He is now a full time volunteer with the inventor advocacy organization US Inventor.



  • Grown to over 70,000 subscribers, including 10,000+ patented inventors

  • Stopped the Innovation Act and its Senate companion, the PATENT Act

  • Successfully blocked Covered Business Method (CBM) extension

  • Led more than 200 constituent meetings with lawmakers

  • Drove effort to regulate the PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board)

  • Intervened in Big Tech (Apple, Cisco, Google, and Intel) Administrative Procedure Act (APA) lawsuit against the USPTO

  • Backed elimination of BRI (“Broadest Reasonable Interpretation”) and adoption of district court claim construction

  • 1,000+ public comments, dozens of amicus briefs, administrative actions, and lawsuits to drive the conversation and results

  • Hundreds of media interviews and mentions – Glenn Beck, Bloomberg, Law360, Law.com, IP Watchdog, Reuters, C-SPAN, Washington Examiner, WSJ, RealClearPolitics, National Law Review, and many more


Over 200 news articles, features, essays, commentaries and editorials on the US Inventor website | ‘Contact Your Rep’ tool, to engage directly with Representatives | Created the In The Trenches With Inventors: The Battle to Save Patents web-series | Written dozens of letters and public comments, averaging over 100 signatures each | Supported several inventors with strategic pro bono litigation | Creation of a range of content from videos to weekly mailers | Helped push removal of Director Michelle Lee, Acting Director Joe Matal, Chief APJ David Ruschke, and USPTO Solicitor Nathan Kelly | Won appointment of USPTO Director Andrei Iancu | Achieved updates to the PTAB Trial Practice Guide to reduce institution rates and deference to prior proceedings | Stopped H.R. 9, the Innovation Act of the 114th Congress | Introduction of H.R. 4578, the bi-partisan Inventor Rights Act of 2019 | Brought suit against the USPTO for not passing regulations required by the America Invents Act of 2011 | Recognized several USPTO Patent Examiners for their work, presenting them with A1:8 Awards (2017) | Achieved updates to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) Trial Practice Guide (TPG) | Provided testimony at Intellectual Property Subcommittee Hearings | Featured or guest speakers at numerous conferences and seminars | Organized a demonstration at the U.S. Supreme Court to protect American Inventors and American Innovation | Organized the Decade of Stolen Dreams rallies at the main and regional USPTO offices and Senator Leahy’s office | Stopped anti-inventor amendments being added to S.1260, the United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 aka the Endless Frontier Act | Have obtained thousands of supporters for the Inventor Rights Resolution |